Sunday, 28 October 2012

The Best Food on Hawaii, The Big Island

One of the best ways to eat on The Big Island is to cook for yourself. The Island offers wonderful farmers markets and fish markets at least on Kona side of the island. My husband was very excited to grill basically everything he could find: steaks, fish, lobsters, chickens, pineapple, mushrooms, papaya... And it was delicious. Every evening we would eat on our porch at Tara Cottage. We also would advise everyone to visit Costco which is located right next to the airport. Very convenient and you can save few dollors, especially on beer, wine, etc. You can also score on locally grown veggies and locally caught fresh fish, especially tuna, Mahi and lobster tails.

My hubby is a great bartender ; ) His cosmos and martinis are just the best! A little Cosmo, a little champagne, we had a good time. ; ) 

The place where we stayed, Tara Cottage, is located near to some very good little local restaurants. What I liked about these restaurants is that they treat you as a guest in their own home rather than a customer.

In all the local places we visited the food was exceptionally fresh and very creative. I would say The big island is a winner among all other Hawaii islands in this regard. 

One of my favorites food spots became a little cafe The Coffee Shack. I think this charming restaurant has the best location on the island. The view is outstanding and you may not know, but there is no such thing as too many geckos.

And the food at this place is so delicious! First of all they bake their own bread and it was the best I have ever eaten in my life. When you order a sandwich, they ask you what kind of bread do you want: Whole Wheat, Luau, Rye, Onion Dill, Greek Isle or French. All choices are great, but my favourite is Luau, made with macadamia nuts, carrots, pineapple and coconuts. Amazing! Especially with chicken salad. Food heaven! Really! And so fresh! We would take these sandwiches to the beach for a little snack.

Anyway, really good breakfast and lunch place. I fell in love with Papaya Special!

If you are on The Big Island, you must, you must visit The Coffee Shack. They also have little geckos all around eating little plates of jam. Cute!

Another interesting place I loved is Nasturtium Cafe. Again, fantastic and creative food. I will never forget my fish quesadilla. The restaurant belongs to the lovely couple and they do have this special Aloha spirit!


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