Friday, 16 November 2012

Pu'uhounua o Honaunau, The Big Island, Hawaii

Pu'uhounua o Honaunau is a National Historical Park. 

A beautiful and spiritual place surrounded by lava fields! A wonderful place for a walk in the early morning or late afternoon when the sun is not straight above your head. Anyway, have a hat or umbrella with you will help to enjoy this place. We were here for about an hour and a half exploring the area, ancient ruins and Hawaiian history. There were few people with us so basically we had the whole park to ourselves. It's hard to imagine that Hawaiian royalty had this amazing place just to themselves for several centuries. 

The coconut palms on this beach make it so picture-perfect!!!

This craftsman explained to us in amazing detail how polynesians have been fishing for generations. How the hooks are made and why. The various techniques used to catch a 'big one,' this guy really knew his stuff. 


  1. Very beautiful pictures! The unusual nature of this ....

    1. Thank you! This place is really very special! : )