Thursday, 31 January 2013

The Cold Winter Streets of Old Riga City

During my long visit to Jurmala this year, I only spent couple of days in Riga so I didn't take my usual hundreds of pictures. I am going to mix what I did take with the pictures I shot during my last visit to Latvia two years ago. Riga doesn't change a lot. It just got a little bit more expensive and crowded with tourists but the Old Town remains incredibly beautiful and charming with its narrow streets, impressive churches, old-fashiond houses and art nouveau architecture. Winter makes it even more special with its invigorating spirit and the sweet aromas of tea and mulled wine with cinnamon. 

I always feel a special tenderness during Christmas and New year weeks. Each time I walk throug the streets of Old Town, it feels like it's the first time. It seems there is always an old treasure waiting around each corner just waiting to surprise me anew.

For me Riga always will stay one of the most beautiful little cities on the map. 


  1. Рига красива во все времена года...и зимой она прекрасна тоже! Надеюсь, что в твоем блоге появятся и весенние...и летние фотографии Риги-)...Фото очень красивые!

    1. Обязательно будут и летние и весенние и осенние снимки : )