Sunday, 15 July 2012

The Ramp: A Waterfront Restaurant

The Ramp is one of my favorite places in San Francisco for having an early breakfast or lunch on Saturdays. It's funky, it's on the water and it's very San Francisco. But I'll be honest with you, when my hubby took me there for the first time, I was terrified... At first glance this place doesn't impress at all... old, wooden, destroyed, weird, in the middle of nowhere basically. But oh my, I'm loving it now so much! Even through the food is very simple and basic, very unhealthy, nothing super special or fancy, the atmosphere is really nice with the true character of my favorite city. Very relaxed. I totally would feel OK to go wearing pajamas, sunglasses, with no make-up and feeling myself as at home.

The Ramp from Nadya's Side Of The Road on Vimeo.

The Ramp is right on the bay, next to a boat yard and huge ship retrofit facility with views of the boats, bay and Bay Bridge. Almost all of the tables are outside on the deck and you would think that it's just a perfect place for a sunny day, but believe it or not, I love this place when the purple fog covers the bay. Warm tea or a Mimosa as well as friendly service make this place immediately so very special and unique. Watching the water, birds and boats in the warm embrace of the man of my life is the best start of my weekend no matter what! And if you come early enough you may enjoy not just the silence, but also the sound of the ships and the distant blast of a's my favorite part of the whole ritual of breakfast at The Ramp. So my first video in the series of Weekends In San Francisco dedicated to this little and charming restaurant "The Ramp". By the way, if you are interested, they do have salsa, Latin music (sometimes live), and killer margaritas in the evenings!

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  1. uuuu ... what a smell-)! ... it already says a lot ... that the photos are class! And the video interesting ... and how to "say hello" red shoes-) ... The place is really beautiful ... calm ... photographed professionally.

    уууу...какой запах-)!!!...это уже о многом говорит...что фотографии просто класс! И видео интересное...и как "поздоровались" красные туфельки-)...Место и правда красивое...спокойное...снято профессионально.