Friday, 27 July 2012

Video Postcard from BELIZE | The Secret Island

With all respects to heaven, I like it here...

Sometimes there is nothing easier than to open a map, close your eyes and rub your finger ... This was a beginning of planning our memorable trip. At first it didn't seem possible. Despite the fact that the country Belize is a relatively poor country the costs of travel and accommodation are sometimes not cheap. But, as often happens to us, we were lucky! :)

Postcard from BELIZE | The Secret Island from Nadya's Side Of The Road on Vimeo.

June is the start of a mad heat and the rainy season in the tropics. All the weather sites were predicting rain every day, thunder and lightning! I was mentally preparing for the fact that all days I would spend in the room, listening to the rain ... But! Rain and thunderstorms were all around us, but not where we were! :) We hardly believed our luck! But from the beginning...

We flew through Houston airport to the capital of Belize - Belize City. From there, we immediately flew to the town of Dangriga. 

In Dangriga, we stopped for one night in a good hotel. From the hotel you could smell the old world charm. Belize's colonial past was felt in the architecture of buildings, in the old verandas, flowering gardens and palm trees. Rooms are simple, nothing special. Nowhere to swim, because the water near the shore is muddy ... not very pleasant. But a day or two at this place is worth it at least for the good food, exotic feel and the town. Plus the wonderful silence ... the sound of the breeze, the ocean and the birds singing are all you can hear. We felt we were the only tourists in town.

We didn't go into any restaurants. The town is completely "untouristy." But the food was pretty good in the hotel's restaurant.

During our stay in this place, I loved the long pier with hammocks and our first sunrise in Belize. 

And I remember one local couple, who had breakfast with us in the restaurant at the hotel at 7 am. Such a cute little old man and his equally lovely wife who was celebrating a Birthday. And she told us the following: "Today I am 75 years old. My grandmother died in her 75th birthday. My mother died at her 75th birthday. I thought my destiny will be the same. I woke up in the middle of the night and thought, it's my Birthday ... and I'm alive ... In life there is nothing more beautiful than to just live and be alive! " 

At 8:30 am we took a boat to our magical, mysterious island in the Caribbean. I will not name the island, it's too special to me and I am a very egoistic and greedy person, the island feels as if it's mine and only mine! : ) But I am sure if you open the map and explore the area, you might find this treasure too.

30 minutes of gorgeous ride by boat will take you to a one of kind place, real heaven on Earth. The breeze was blowing into my face with incredible force, the sun scorching, water was crystal-clear, sky-blue. 

Imagine our surprise when we discovered that on this island we were the only guests! The whole resort belonged only to us! It was a real miracle! Your own personal island resort for 9 days! I couldn't imagine it! Here it was, the real luck - a reward for my good behavior and attitude towards life! ;))

During our visit to the island, we also visited Angel Reef and Tobacco Reef. Both places are full of gorgeous marine life!!! Just amazing!

Our island was also surrounded by incredibly beautiful reef itself, which created a lagoon where the water was blue, smooth and clear even in windy weather! In a word, we swam every day in a live aquarium! Fish, barracuda and lonely stings rays floated so close to the beach. 

And nights! Dark and warm with a velvety breeze. The sky full of stars.The first night on the island, we sat on the shore and looked at the stars and the sea sparkled a million lights. At first I thought it was stars reflected in the water ... but no ...this is some kind of organism, like little glowing Swarovski crystals. In very warm tropical water is quite common. This indescribable beauty will stay in my memory forever! This is more than just romance ... We really felt the connection with the universe! And I was flying ...

There is no Internet, no connection with the artificial world at all. Nowhere to go. All you can do there is just relaxing and enjoying the glorious weather, water, your philosophical thougts, 'hammocking' and kayaking. And reading real books of course. I was lucky to finish 100 Years of Solitude and To Kill a Mocking Bird. It's so simple to have nothing and enjoy your life. Why would humanity destroy it. I would feel perfectly happy to eat fresh fishes caught by my man, reading good books, making some art...if only I could just live this reality instead of living the dream of the mundane. But at some point I will have my own island just like this one far far away from the fake and the mindless... making my art. And only the chosen will be able to go to visit me there! : ) Good dream to follow, isn't it?


  1. Thanks for sharing - wife want to visit for a week or so during November. Your notes very informative and beautifully done - Thanks again

    1. You should go! November should be a great months for it! : ) I hope you will enjoy it!

  2. фотографии очень яркие! виды такие заманчивые....романтичные...закаты красивые...удачные кадры есть очень...!