Friday, 3 August 2012

Pigeon Point Lighthouse

The Pigeon Point Lighthouse is a majestic one. Well, being the 2nd tallest on the American west coast, it should be majestic! A few years ago, when Robert and I were driving to Santa Cruz from San Francisco, we saw this lighthouse out of the blue. We didn’t expect to see this beauty on our road. It was a great surprise. Then a couple of weeks ago, we were back there because I decided to shoot a video about this place. But for the first time we found this lighthouse in the fog. Oh, well. So I started to shoot anyway. I love fog. The video and photos are a little bit melancholic, but I think it describes the exact character of the lighthouse. You almost can feel how many stories have been lived out there.

Point Of Light from Nadya's Side Of The Road on Vimeo.

If you are visiting San Francisco, you definitely should stop by this place on your way to Santa Cruz or if you are visiting Half Moon Bay. The road there is a beautiful journey by itself, the beauty of the lighthouse is the simply the jewel in the crown. You’ll love the drive through forest and along the ocean, I promise!!

On the way there or back I recommend a stop in Half Moon Bay for a quick bite at the small Mexican restaurant “Café Capistrano”. OMG, what a quesadilla! It was so good my cooking husband questioned the cook to find out what the spices were. It turned out they used a special spice from a region in Mexico which my Robert will not allow me to name because he doesn’t want anyone to know where it came from or even what it is called. It was that good. They also have some wonderful specials on the weekends including Arturo’s amazing chicken carbon (very seasonal, you have to get lucky.)

Another spot to try is the Main Street Grill for breakfast. My husband, who’s not particularly fond of pancakes, took a chance on the honey wheat pancakes at the Main St Grill. While my omelet was great, his pancakes were fantastic!


  1. ОЧЕНЬ КРАСИВОЕ видео!...загадочное и романтичное....
    Very nice video! ... Mysterious and romantic ....

    1. Спасибо. Само место действительно очень загадочное : )