Saturday, 11 August 2012

La Mar: Peruvian Heaven in San Francisco

One of our favorite things to do on Saturdays is going to the Farmers Market at the Embarcadero. We like to hit this place as early as we can before the crowd of locals and tourists cover it with noise. Neither me or my husband love to feel like sardines in the can. But unfortunately you can't avoid it after 9 am. Even through it's always fun to look around and enjoy nice fresh veggies and fruits, meats and delicacies... Usually the only one reason that brings us there is the cheeses! You should try the cheese corner for sure! It's something! Anyway, after all these good food at the market, our appetites are really high and we go to kill it at La Mar for lunch. 

Inspired by the thousands of cebicherías found throughout Peru, La Mar cebichería peruana was created as an attempt to globalize and preserve one of the best guarded treasures of Peruvian cuisine: cebiche, Peruvian seafood and the Peruvian style cebicheria. It was opened by Gaston Acurio, a Peruvian chef who has restaurants in his native country plus Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Brazil and Spain. I love this place so much. It's a real Peruvian food heaven hidden from the stream of people going past the various piers. It is such an amazing food experience. I love everything about it... food, atmosphere, music, service, view, colors, presentation.

The menu is very imaginative. La Mar is a little pricey for the portions but the flavors make up for it. The plaintain chips with dipping sauce are a nice way to start your meal! Delicious!

Usually my husband and I order few dishes to share and each time it's just amazing. You can't go wrong with anything there. But we really recommend to try empanada sampler ($19) and any of the cebiches ($12 - $15). Just yummy!

They also have an outstanding menu for cocktails. You always can ask a waiter for a special drink (alcoholic and non-alcoholic ) and they will create something interesting and unuusual out of their head. 

The only negative thing about this place is that sometimes they bring the dishes not in order you ordered them which can be a little annoying. Last time we asked why it happens. Apperently some dishes are ready to go and some need more time for preperation so if you want your orders be delivered to your table in order ask the waiter to do so.

And if you are a fan of sushi, you'll love it there even more! You just must try one of their rollitos (Japanese inspired sushi rolls made with Peru’s finest ingredients ($12) ). Last time we tried rollitos with onion salad on top of it. Fantastic!


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