Thursday, 30 August 2012

Angel Island: A Perfect Weekend in San Francisco

Angel Island is a perfect day trip, where the journey to the trailhead rivals the hike for sheer relaxation and beauty. It's better to start this day as early as you can. A few Friday's ago my husband and I spent the whole day on the island (plus it's cool to take a special day off from work and escape!) We took the ferry to the angel Island from Tiburon for $13.50 per person which included admission to the island itself. Very short but gorrgeous boat trip. Angel Island is so beautiful! We had such an amazing time walking around and enjoying nature. It's a true heaven for hikers and bikers. Weather was fantastic... a little fog in the morning, then sun and blue sky in the afternoon. Definitely check out the immigration station. 

And don't forget to take a picnic with you. They do have couple of little cafes there, but the food didn't look great. I might be mistaken. Next time we go we want to rent some bikes and go biking around the island. They also have sedgeway and tram tours which are guided at an additional cost.

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