Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Margaritas and Sunsets in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

One of my favorite things to do in Puerto Vallarta is to go to a locals beach bar, order a huge Margarita and watch the sunset with my man of my life. The beauty of this particular bar is that for some strange reason tourists seem to avoid this place. You pretty much only see locals there. I love being around locals. It was cool to watch how fishermen were preparing for another night out in the open ocean and watch local kids playing football. It looked so normal and cheerful to see children playing football on the beach. They do not have computers and iPads, they have the sand, a ball and the colored sky. These kids still know what real childhood fun is!


  1. красота необыкновенная...!!! Так хочется все увидеть своими глазами....

    extraordinary beauty ...! want to see everything with your own eyes ....

  2. Jelena, everything is possible if you know how to dream! : )