Saturday, 8 December 2012

Whale Watching In Puerto Vallarta

I really didn't expect that I'd be lucky enough to see these huge animals jumping out of the water so close to me. It was definitely my lucky perfect-picture day. One more childhood dream came true. It was actually our last day in Puerto Vallarta. The morning was quite overcast and cool. The color of the ocean was black as resin, nothing was visible in its murky depths. The boat was very small and it could accommodate only 12 people. We could only sit there. It didn't sound like fun at all and the weather was crap, but we decided to roll with it. 

Before we settled in the boat, the guide-scientist gave us a quick, quite interesting lecture about whales. February is the month when the whales breed and in theory we had a good chance of seeing at least some. Unfortunately, for the first 40 minutes or so we had no luck, not so much as a spout. Then my eagle eyed husband spotted some whale sign about a mile away. Of course, I wasn't excited to be in the boat, on this cold grey morning and looking for breeding whales until I saw with my own eyes a couple of large whales jumping a hundred meters away. I was in shock. It was unbelievable moment. We actually saw two males fighting over a female. Then three males, then four and finally five were fighting for the favors of this one female. I tried to photograph everything I could with my camera in my shaking freezing hands on that cold morning! 50 minutes of freezing wind and water spray into the face paid for itself. For an hour or so we were watching the battle of these beautiful massive animals in the water. Even our guides had their cameras in hand as they told my husband how lucky we were to see this spectacular sight. Before heading to the beach, our guide lowered into the water a special microphone and we were listening to the songs of lonely whales... During the breeding season, many of the male whales sing. Every five years the song changes. After all seen and all the information about the whales, I fell in love with these animals with all my heart! If you are in Mexico, in the town of Puerto Vallarta, then I strongly advise you to look at the whales with Ecotours. I can't promise you such a lucky day as I had but those whales have to breed somewhere! ; ) 


  1. Nadya, you were so close to this wonder of nature ... simply breathtaking ... just the right time ... so beautiful! this energy comes from the pictures ... Wow!
    Надя, ты так близко была к этому чудо-природы...просто дух захватывает...Очень удачные моменты...так красиво! такая энергия идет от фотографий...Здорово!

  2. Thank you, Jelena. : ) It was really a wonderful moment I will never forget.

  3. I also liked the pictures very much! For me it is the best moments when you are so close to the nature

  4. TeonKa, I completely agree with you!