Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Escape from Puerto Vallarta to Yelapa

Let's face it, Puerto Vallarta is a tourist destination and nothing is going to change that. Despite the fact that the old city and the older part of the city known as the Romantic Zone still retain the charm of traditional old Mexico, many areas of the city do not. What used to be pristine and lonely beaches to the north are now buried under an endless stretch of hideous time shares and hotel 'resorts' where on a sunny day tourists roast like hotdogs packed onto a too small bar-b-que. Kind of disgusting. It's one thing when a hotel is built somewhere in a big city or artfully placed in a beautiful location, but when it is more about paving over an entire paradise...this is a monstrosity! 

But Mexico still has off-the-track places and villages, where you can find harmony with nature and yourself. One of these places is Yelapa. That's where we went one morning. 

By bus or car to this lovely spot is 3-4 hours, but by the water taxi just 45 minutes. Taxis on the water in Mexico is normal. After purchasing tickets for a water taxi (regular motor boat), we went in search of simpler Mexico. The further south we moved, the fewer massive buildings we saw on the beaches. It's obvious that untouched nature still exists in this tourist hell. But how long it will remain untouched? 

For years, the small fishing village of Yelapa was a refuge for Bob Dylan, and the other people, who were in search of lonely beaches, cheap tequila, and readily available hallucinogens. Since the town is located between the jungle and the ocean, Yelapa has no real roads, no cars and there are no street names. The village has a couple of very small hotels where I'd like to stay for a week or so. If only I knew about this place earlier, we would spend 2 nights in Puerto Vallarta and the rest of vacation we would enjoy in Yelapa. Definitely the plan for next time! The noise of the surf, the birds - the only sounds that might disturb you. We had a very pleasant walk around the streets of the village. At the end of one of the streets we have a pleasant surprise, a waterfall. A few glasses of margaritas, some excellent local food and a couple of hours of sleep on the golden sands was a true heavenly pleasure.

I also met this cute miss Pepe. : )


  1. Thanks for your grateful informations, am working in Tourism Portal, so it will be helpful info for my works.

  2. Увлекательное путешествие....чудесная Пепе-)...чудесные фотографии!...

  3. Thank you, Tourareas and Jelena. I am glad you could find usefull information on my blog. : )

  4. it is very beautiful!
    Thank you for your comment, I follow you, and you?

  5. Gorgeous photos! I'm glad to hear you say it is still untouched in Yelapa. How was the snorkeling? Really clear?

    1. Hi Christy. We went to Yelpa in February so the weather was a little bit of and we didn't try any snorkeling. But people say it's amazing there when the water is calm and clear. We saw some awesome fishes from our boat.