Thursday, 20 December 2012

Hacienda de Oro - Restaurant and Botanical Garden

In search of something genuine amongst the touristic chaos, we found a wonderful botanical garden in the middle of the jungle! Great place to start a Valentine's Day, isn't it? If paradise was decorated in a Mexican style, it would look exactly as Hacienda de Oro. Surrounded by a flourishing garden in the middle of lush jungles and spectacular mountains there is even a lovely river running through it. By the way, you can swim in the river, but the water was icy cold and I didn't have the desire! Hacienda itself is a Mexican restaurant. During our stay in Puerto Vallarta I enjoyed a lot of great Mexican food, but the Hacienda de Oro offers some seriously excellent local fare.

The view from the restaurant is dramatic and magical! The restaurant is on the second floor and on the first floor you can sit in the comfortable chairs and have a nap while the gentle breeze is playing with your hair...or you can admire the beauty of the lilies in the pond. A favorite book would have been a good company there too. 

If only for the sake of this view, flowers, delicious food and margaritas, visit this place. It was an unusually cloudy February morning, so we were lucky not to have a crouwd of tourists, but I am pretty sure it's a very busy place when it's the normal hot season. So go early. 


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