Sunday, 6 January 2013

Puerto Vallarta, A Town With The Charm of Old Mexico

It's time, finally, to tell you a bit about the town of Puerto Vallarta. It's impossible not to fall in love with this wonderful old town with cobbled streets and white houses covered with red tiles. This town completely reflects the romantic charm of old Mexico.

But back in 1963 no one knew anything about the place. Locals were mainly involved in fishing. But then one day the fishing village woke up famous when Hollywood director John Huston filmed "Night of the Iguana" with Richard Burton and Ava Gardner at a location close to the town.

Burton was there with his beloved Elizabeth Taylor. Burton bought the house, Casa Kimberley, which is located in the central part of the city of Puerto Vallarta, as a gift to Elizabeth. Casa Kimberley is a combination of two houses: the house of Liz Taylor on the north side of the street and Richard Burton on the south side. Both houses are connected with the famous pink bridge. There is not much information about Casa Kimberley online or offline, but according to some stories Taylor left the house after the sudden death of Burton. Apparently she could not even spend the night in the house without her lover ... The memories were too painful. I wanted to see this crazy love nest which is certainly a part of the history of the one of the most passionate relationships from the last century. Walking through the narrow streets we finally saw the bridge, which was called "The Lover's Arch", thin, sad, dilapidated, but still pink. Coming closer, we unfortunately discovered the ruins. Of the house of two lovers only skeletal outlines of cement and a lone ceramic inscription with Casa Kimberley remained. So sad. Nothing lasts forever. Still, I would like to know where all the love letters and photographs are, and everything that once belonged to this house. Mexico is full of ghosts and Casa Kimberley is now one of them.

Anyway, it's such a pleasure to walk around the town. The views and streets are just beautiful. I especially loved Mexican doors. So artistic! 

From each new place I try to bring an interesting souvenir. In Mexico, I found a very interesting souvenir - a doll La Calavera Katrina. Katrina is one of the main symbols of Day of the Dead in Mexico. La Calavera Katrina first appeared in the engraving, which was created in 1913 by the Mexican printmaker Jose Guadalupe Posada (Guadalupe Posada). He portrayed a woman with the face of a skeleton dressed in high society and named it "La Calavera de la Catrina", a parody of the Mexican ruling class. Since then, the image has become one of the main images created in Mexico. Dolls created in this style are so awesome! I am, in fact, ready to collect them! All the dolls are handmade. It took me around 30 minutes to I pick a doll for myself!!!

Our short romantic trip to Puerto Vallarta was unforgettable! Almost all trip the sun was behind the clouds, that is very unusual for the season, but it has allowed us to not sit on the beach but learn and walk around. We visited some interesting Mexican modern art galleries, found the secret corners of the old town, tried delicious local food (I really recommend trying the fish dishes at Joe Jack's Fish Shack). In Puerto Vallarta everyone will find plenty of tequila, inspiration and love!


  1. Невероятно красивые фотографии! И такая колоритная местность....Очень интересно!
    Incredibly beautiful photos! And such a picturesque area .... Very interesting!

    1. This town is really very beautiful and it offers a lot of great local food! : )